• Posted on Fri 28th February 2020

CHoC have a new corporate social responsibility plan in order to create positive social impacts through our existing practices. We recognise that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is of increasing importance to staff and partners, including patients, and is fundamental to the continued success of the organisation.

Nationally, there is an increasing recognition of the importance of organisations making decisions and using resources in ways that benefit rather than damage the economic, social and environmental conditions in which they operate. This is fundamentally what CSR is about.

At CHoC we believe that by having a CSR Plan we will continue to provide long-term benefits to our employees, patients, partners and individuals within the Cumbrian communities.

Our CSR Vision

Our vision will be achieved through the development and delivery of objectives focused on key areas as outlined in the NHS’s ‘Good Corporate Citizenship’ (GCC) model, developed by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit. These key areas are travel, procurement, sustainable development, workforce, community engagement and involvement and environmental impacts.

Example CSR Objectives

  • Offer staff the cycle to work scheme
  • Encourage the introduction of a CHoC car-sharing scheme
  • Support an approach to reducing mileage claims by increasing uptake of teleconferencing
  • Identify wellbeing advocates to champion and drive forward CSR alongside wellbeing
  • Continue to develop an approach to apprenticeships
  • Reduce printing costs and the use of fax machines
  • Have a selected charity of the year
  • Continuously support work experience programmes, such as the GP training scheme
  • Continue the existence and promote the CHoC Social Enterprise Community
  • Improve recycling and waste infrastructures at CHoC sites i.e. plastic, cardboard
  • Reduce printer / paper costs

How Will We Embed CSR?

A new subcommittee will be established to meet every six months which will report to the CHoC Management Meeting with updates and an annual report to the CHoC Board.

A variety of internal and external communications methods will be used to communicate CSR news and messages clearly and effectively, such as staff newsletters, staff away days, meetings and stakeholder and partner meetings / engagement events.

Wellbeing advocates championing and driving forward CSR alongside the wellbeing strategy.

In line with our CSR plan our business activities will continue to take place in the most sustainable way, and we want to lead by example and make a contribution to our local communities, acting as an exemplar organisation to continue to improve lives.

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