• Posted on Thu 19th December 2019

This year the fabulous staff at Glenridding have received a lovely, personalised poem from a grateful patient praising the team’s care and dedication to their patients:


The Rubaiyat of MOTM

The title is no prescription, or blood tests of any kind,

In years past it’s an award that’s been difficult to find.

Academic quals not needed, just tender loving care

Which is in abundance so all your patient’s get their share.


Doctors Neil, Lucy and Philip say welcome and farewell,

An ageing patient list goes down, still it seems to swell.

Consultation with all sexes, whilst gazing at the screen.

Is a remedy possible without the ladies behind the scene?


Nurse Jane finds your blood with painless needle skill,

Has a smiling warm welcome, you forget that you are ill.

The manager of the practice is a lady name of Lynn,

With her website always up to date, it’s easy to log in.


Prescriptions just multiply, in hundreds they abound.

Make a Friday phone-call, dispenser Jane is always found.

Her voice is so soothing, her manner loving and kind.

Medication all correct, it gives patients peace of mind.


Colourful dispenser Lisa, never stops ‘til her work is done,

Collect medication Wednesday, but before the midday’s sun.

Receptionists Rachel and Christine, are prominently seen.

Making sure that their colleagues all keep their noses clean.


Each of you have qualified to be MOTM this year,

In an envelope are your names, it’s easy to simply tear

Before departing for Christmas, a duty doctor’s hand,

Picks out the name of one who wins 2019’s Blue Riband.


Well done team, and thank you for all your hard work!

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