• Posted on Thu 16th June 2016

The CHoC Executive are very aware of the situation GP’s are facing in regard to the rising costs of Indemnity cover for out of hours work and the difficulties this has caused.

CHoC are now in a position to offer financial assistance to any GP available to take up or are currently working in a salaried position for CHoC on a minimum of 10 hours per week.

A 40 hour per week salary of £110,032 plus the maximum indemnity contribution where applicable of £15,000, would give a gross contracted pay of £125,032 per annum.

The scheme will run via Salary Sacrifice which will form part of the Employment Contract, full details of which are attached, but to summarise:

  • A full-time post (40 hours per week) would be eligible for a maximum contribution of up to £15,000 p.a.
  • A part-time contract (starting at 10 hours per week) would be eligible for a minimum contribution of £3,750 p.a.
  • Variable pro rata contributions for contracts between 11- 39 hrs per week

We believe GP’s considering an employment route with CHoC should find this professional indemnity contribution a significant attraction to work as part of our team, if you have any further questions please do get in touch with:

  • Sarah Taylor-Howe

(sarah.taylor-howe@choc.nhs.uk) or 01228 514830

  • Fraser Clark

(fraser.clark@choc.nhs.uk) or 01228 514830


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